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Death By Decadence

Death By Decadence is a dark comedy that explores the hierarchy within gay society. Specifically during the 90s Club Kid Movement, and the events surrounding the murder of Angel Melendez. This piece centers around the friendship of James St. James and Michael Alig. Two friends who meet weekly as Michael lives out his prison sentence. One evening James arrives optimistically, because he has been approached by movie producers. They are interested in making a film of Michael’s life. This forces James to relive past events. He takes the audience on the journey of Michael’s rise to fame, they’re rivals to rule the night club scene, and how their relationship sours when Micheal plays a part in the murder of a local club kid. Death By Decadence comments on how our ambitions can fuel and destroy us.


Church of the New Play- Prop Theatre

Death By Decadence: Bio
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